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Fast Start for Filters

250ml treats 500 gallons (2,250 litres)

Price:  £ 7.10

Provides quick filter start up, treats harmful fish waste and ensures pond water is of a high quality for fish and wildlife.

A special mix of naturally occurring pond filter bacteria, blended to rapidly establish new filters and boost existing ones.
It takes several weeks for the naturally-occurring bacteria (which break down toxins that gather in the filter) to grow in a new filter and its not safe to add fish to the pond until these bacteria are established.  Using Fast Start for Filters will speed the process up so that you can add fish within 7 days of dosing.
It's also ideal to boost the system after cleaning the filter, or after winter when you increase fish feeding.  In an established filter a monthly dose will assist in the removal and filtration of harmful fish waste and help maintain a good water quality and healthy fish. 

See the attached Product Information PDF file for Dosing Information and FAQs on Fast Start for Filters.

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