Welcome to Ecopond - Home of eco-friendly pond products

Welcome to the Ecopond website.  Here you can purchase natural products, manufactured in the UK, to help you to maintain good water quality  - whether you keep fish; have a small wildlife pond or a large swimming pond; or a stone, wood, or stainless steel water feature.

Our range includes treatments to deal with two of the biggest pond problems - for algae (whether green water or blanket weed) Barley-bio Algae Control and Cloudy Water Treatment and for duckweed Duckweed Control . Find out which algae treatment might be best for you here.  Our eco-friendly products are chemical-free and safe for all the fish, aquatic plants and wildlife in and around your pond and garden (as well as children and pets!). 

We've also got products for other parts of your garden - check out the Beyond the Pond section to find out more.  Our products are also available from garden centres and aquatic outlets.  If you're a retailer and interested in our range please visit our Trade page.




For information on all our products, plus stockists, visit our on-line shop, or call us on 01225 867760.