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Duckweed Control

500 ml treats up to 1000 gallons (4,500 litres) Available in 500 ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 25L sizes.

Price:  £ 14.20

A naturally formulated product to prevent the growth and spread of troublesome duckweed.

However much effort you put into removing duckweed its almost impossible to remove it all and it will grow again incredibly quickly.  Duckweed Control contains a specialist bacterial culture which removes nutrients key to the growth of the most common species of duckweed (lemna minor) so that once the majority of the existing weed has been manually removed and treatment is carried out its return is inhibited.  Duckweed Control will not harm fish, wildlife or other plant life in the pond.


Duckweed Control is best applied in Spring as soon as duckweed growth is seen, but once the pond water temperature has reached 8 degrees to ensure effective microbial activity.  However, it can be successfully applied right through the summer and early autumn (whilst temperature remains at a minimum 8-10 degrees) and this will prevent spore formation which otherwise leads to further duckweed growth the following Spring.

You'll find more dosing information and answers to frequently asked questions about Duckweed Control on the attached pdf file, or go to our News & Tips page to find out more about duckweed and how to discourage it.

Customer Comments:

"Ecopond Duckweed Control" - At last I've found a product that works

"RC" - 02.05.17

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