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Cloudy Water Treatment

250 ml treats 1,000 gallons (4,500 litres) Available in 250ml, 2.5L,5L,25L sizes

Price:  £ 6.50

A natural flocculant which quickly clears green and cloudy pond water. Good for treating "New Pond Syndrome".

Ecopond Cloudy Water Treatment contains plant extracts which cause algae and fine suspended solids to clump together and fall to the bottom of the pond, leaving water clean and clear.  It aids filtration and makes water safer for fish.  (Suspended solids in pond water can cause damage to the gills of fish.)


It will rapidly clear the "pea soup" effect caused by single cell algae, although treatment with an algae control product such as Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control will normally also be required to prevent its return.


New ponds often take a while to clear due to fine dispersed particles that neither float nor settle and if not treated can remain suspended in the water for several weeks.  Cloudy Water Treatment will sort this out very quickly, normally within 24 hours. 


See the attached PDF file for more dosing information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Cloudy Water Treatment.




Customer Comments:

"Cloudy Water Treatment" -

"Does exactly what it says on the bottle. I was able to see the bottom drain in 24 hours and had a totally clear pond within 36 hours" - CMcW June 2006

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