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Chlorine Guard

250ml treats 1000 gallons (4,500 litres) Available in 250 ml and 2.5L sizes

Price:  £ 7.04

Suitable for all types of pond. Removes chlorine, chloramines & heavy metals when filling or topping up ponds with tap water.

Ideally ponds would be filled and topped up with rain water, but this is rarely possible and most people use tap water.  Ecopond Chlorine Guard is an eco-friendly solution for the treatment of the chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water which can be harmful to fish and wildlife.
It prevents damage to the mucous membrane (slime coat) which protects the fish and the build up of excess ammonia from the breakdown of chloramines.
It contains natural compounds which bind the chlorine and it contains no synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.
Chlorine Guard should be used each time the pond is topped up with tap water. 
Dosing rate is based on the volume of water in the pond, not the volume of water being added.  This is because the tap water is very likely to be at a higher or lower temperature than the pond water and so will initially either form a "layer" at the top or bottom of the pond.  If only a small amount of Chlorine Guard is added this will sit within the existing pond water zone and will be neutralised before the added tap water mixes with the existing pond water.  When Chlorine Guard is dosed based on the volume of water in the pond this will be sufficient to treat both the existing and added water.
For dosing information and the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Chlorine Guard see the attached Product Information sheet PDF.

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