Many retailers are now choosing to stock the Ecopond range of pond products to meet the continuing interest in eco-friendly, chemical-free products. We offer rapid and reliable delivery, low minimum order quantities, prompt and helpful technical support.
Eco Pond has been at the forefront of the development of eco-friendly products for many years and brought customer favourites such as Extract of Barley Straw and Duckweed Control to the market.  Sadly, it is now illegal to sell Extract of Barley Straw in the UK due to EU regulation but in anticipation of this Eco Pond developed a new algae control product, Barley-bio Algae Control, in 2017 and this is now being successfully sold by many retailers in place of Extract of Barley Straw.
If you're a retailer in the UK and would like to stock our products, our wholesaler, ALF Ltd will be able to help.  Call them on 0845 838 0981 or email to find out more.  Or, you can also call us direct on 01225 867760 or email  
If you're visiting our site from New Zealand or Australia, our Australasian wholesaler, Glenbogal Aquatic Ltd, will be pleased to help.  You can contact them at
We're delighted that we've been shortlisted in the Eco Brand of the Year category in the PPM Retailer Recommended Awards 2021.  If you already stock our products and would like to vote for us please visit for the online voting form.