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Tadpole Food Special Offer

Sprinkle small quantity into pond daily

Price:  £ 11.00

Our Special Offer pack provides all the nutrients that tadpoles need throughout their life cycle at a saving of £1.24 on the product price if purchased separately.

Ecopond Tadpole Food is a vegetable based flake which provides tadpoles with a vital source of food during their early, vegetarian days (up to the point where they form back legs).  Once tadpoles have developed back legs they require protein and this is provided by Ecopond Late Stage Tadpole Food.

Natural green food (ie aquatic plants and algae) can be limited in ponds early in the Spring, and once tadpoles begin to mature there is often insufficient food to support them all, so by feeding Ecopond Tadpole Foods you can give tadpoles a greater chance of reaching maturity.
Both products are also good for feeding tadpoles kept in tanks or other small containers where there is no natural source of food.

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