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Duckweed Control and Mud Muncher offer

Treats up to 45,000 litres

Price:  £ 47.21

Duckweed Control and Mud Muncher are a great combination to control duckweed. Get 25% off 1L or 2.5l Mud Muncher with this special offer.

Ecopond Duckweed Control prevents the growth and spread of duckweed by removing nutrients critical to its growth.  However, if sludge levels caused by a build up of fish waste or dead plant material are high this will also create additional nutrients which will contribute to duckweed's growth.  Using Mud Muncher with Duckweed Control will increase it's effectiveness whilst also improving the general quality of the water.  


Combined special offer prices: 3.5L special £47.21 (Duckweed Control 2.5L £35.00 and Mud Muncher 1L £12.21[Mud Muncher normally £16.28]) or 7.5L special £75.57 (Duckweed Control 5L £58.24 and Mud Muncher 2.5L £17.33 [Mud Muncher normally £23.10]).


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