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Ammonia Removal Nuggets

240mls treats 3000 gallons (13,500 litres)

Price:  £ 26.85

Instantly and effectively decreases ammonia, making water safe for fish.

Specially blended live Nitrosomonas bacteria immobilised in a gel provide instant removal of ammonia caused by fish waste and uneaten food in pond water.  If untreated, ammonia can damage the sensitive gills of fish as well as affecting their skin. 


Ecopond Ammonia Removal Nuggets can be used to help treat peaks of ammonia, to boost bacteria levels post-medication, when increasing stocking density, or simply to help maintain good water quality.  

For more information on using Ammonia Removal Nuggets see the attached Product Information pdf file.

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Ammonia Removal Nuggets
"We used Nuggets during our koi show and at no time did we encounter any biological water quality problems" - Nottingham & District Koi Keepers

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