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Which algae treatment product?

Probably the most common problem in garden ponds is algae which will either be single cell, causing green water, or filamentous, otherwise know as blanket weed.

The water in new ponds will often turn into an unattractive "pea soup" before any planting becomes established.  This is known as New Pond "Syndrome".  Algae will thrive on the nutrient-rich tap water often used to fill a pond, at a time when there is little or no competition for these nutrients.

Algae can also be introduced to an established pond in the water used to transport new fish, or on plants, by birds and in rain or soil, so it's hard to avoid.


Treatment options

Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control is a natural, microbially based, algae control product for green water and blanket weed.  It is particularly effective in controlling blanket weed.  It will kill algae and prevent it from growing by removing the nutrients it needs to survive.


Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control is a replacement product for the extremely popular Extract of Barley Straw which it is now illegal to sell in the UK due to EU regulation.  Customers who have swopped to the new product are finding it to be equally effective and it too is safe for any wildlife in the pond.


Cloudy Water Treatment is a natural flocculant which will rapidly clump together the algae cells which cause green water and settle them to the bottom of the pond leaving the water clear.


Which natural algae control product should I use?


New Pond "Syndrome"

Cloudy Water Treatment for a quick fix

Barley-bio Algae Control for long term algae control  

Green water in an established pond             

Cloudy Water Treatment for a quick fix

Barley-bio Algae Control for long term algae control

Clear pond water with blanket weed on plants or sides   Barley-bio Algae Control 
Filamentous algae floating in pond Barley-bio Algae Control
Blanket weed or green water in a small water feature Water Feature Clear


What else can I do to prevent algae?


See our information sheet Green water or Blanket weed problems? Some helpful advice for more information on why algae occurs and how to discourage it.