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Holiday Pond Care Tips

Don’t worry about leaving your fish pond whilst you’re away.  In most cases these worries are completely unfounded and the pond will come to no harm at all in your absence. 


Don’t add any extra food to the pond in the week before you go as any that is uneaten will pollute the water.  Your fish don’t need "feeding up”!  In a planted pond they will find plenty of algae and insect larvae on which they can feed – and your pond may look cleaner and clearer when you return!.  Even in a fish-only pond, the fish can find some food and will have sufficient stored energy reserves to thrive for 1 – 2 weeks without additional feeding.


Don’t add any new fish in the 2 – 3 weeks immediately before you go away on holiday. You don’t want to risk introducing new diseases into the pond at this time. 


Do clean the filter and remove any excess debris about a week before you go away if you have time.  This will ensure that the pond is in the best possible condition.


Do consider adding a good nitrifying product such as Ecopond Nitrifying Nuggets for Ponds (or Ammonia Removal Nuggets for ponds over 4,500 litres) before you go. This will prevent any dangerous build up of ammonia in your absence.


Do ask a friend or neighbour to have a look at the pond occasionally to check that there are no severe problems (e.g. dead fish, pump not working).  You could also ask them to feed the fish, but unless they are a fish-keeper the amount to give at each feed should be carefully measured out for them.  Most non-fishkeepers will be tempted to add too much food to the pond which may lead to water pollution issues.