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Green water or Blanket weed Problems? - Some helpful advice

When dealing with algae, many people don't think beyond the problem of removing the stringy green mess or clearing the pea soup coloured water. However.......

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Duckweed Problems - information and advice

Duckweed (Lemna species)is an invasive weed that can completely cover areas of still or slow-moving water.....

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Summer Fish Care

In the summer your pond should be at its best with healthy fish and clear water, although there are a few problems which can occur. These are related to the increased activity of plants and fish, and also to very warm weather, however these are relatively easy to control ........

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Which algae treatment product?

Probably the most common problem in garden ponds is algae . Find out more about the natural products we have for treating it.....

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Ten Top Aquatic Plants

If you're looking for some new aquatic plants, here are 10 Must Have Plants suggested by Lilies Water Gardens who have been growing aquatic plants for over 20 years.....

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