Eco Pond Timeline

1991    Francis Saunders and Stephen Pickin leave Shell NTB International Biochemicals to form Slough-based waste water treatment consultancy Engineered Biological Services (EBS)
1993    Nitrifying products developed for Severn Trent Water
1995   Manufacturing company AquaHydrotech established as manufacturing operation for immobilised nitrifying products
1996    EBS purchases Waterfront Technology, become WEBS, and moves to Banbury
1999    Extract of Barley Straw developed by WEBS for water authority owned reservoirs used for fishing and boating

2001    AquaHydrotech commences production of Extract of Barley Straw in retail sizes for consumer markets

2002    AquaHydrotech adopted as brand name and a wide range of eco-friendly pond treatments launched
2004    Advanced biofilter products ("Koibac" and "Nuggets") developed for koi keepers using immobilised nitrifying bacteria
2005    AquaHydrotech Duckweed Control, the first non-chemical treatment for Lemna species developed
2007    AquaHydrotech Extract of Barley Straw voted a "Best Buy" by Which! Magazine.
2008    New Ecopond Tadpole Food wins GLEE Aquatic Innovation Award
2010    Eco Pond Ltd replaces WEBS as technical development and marketing company for pond treatments
            Ecopond brand replaces AquaHydrotech to reflect the eco-friendly credentials of our products
2012    We exhibit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time (and receive a Certificate of Commendation for high quality of stand presentation)