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Welcome to the Ecopond website.  If you previously visited us as AquaHydrotech, you'll find all the same natural products here to help you to maintain good water quality  - whether you keep koi or goldfish; have a small wildlife pond or a large swimming pond; or a stone, wood, or stainless steel water feature.
Our range includes treatments to keep water clean and safe and to deal with two of the biggest pond problems - Extract of Barley Straw for algae (whether green water or blanket weed) and Duckweed Control for duckweed. Our eco-friendly products are manufactured in the UK, are chemical-free and safe for all the fish, aquatic plants and wildlife in and around your pond and garden. 
We've also got products here for other parts of your garden - check out the Beyond the Pond section to find out more.

For more detailed information on all our products, plus stockists, visit our on-line shop, or call us on 01225 767919

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Special Offer

Save £2 when you buy 2 x 250 ml Ice Free for Bird Baths together.

Featured Products

Product Image Compost Activator Compost Activator A natural additive to speed up degradation of waste in composters and compost heaps.

Featured Products

Product Image Mealworms (Freeze dried) Mealworms (Freeze dried) Get ready for winter with a simple, 100% natural, food for wildlife.

Featured Products

Product Image Pond Net Set Pond Net Set 2 pond nets and a brush with extending handle - perfect for removing fallen leaves.